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Small animal care

Smaller companions might be physically small but can have big personalities. And they all have their needs, their likes and dislikes. Cats, for example, are territorial animals and can find it hard to cope in the strange surroundings of a cattery, in close proximity of other, strange, cats. Many animals will prefer the familiar surroundings of their own home.

That’s why, when I visit you to discuss your animal’s care while you’re away, I will ask you not just about their food and any cleaning requirements. I’ll also want to know what they like, be it a fuss or a brush or any favourite games they might have.

And while I look after them, I will also pick up your post, water your plants, and, if needed, open and close your curtains, to make it look like someone is at home. It’s a well-documented fact that potential burglars will look for those little tell-tale signs, such as post stacking up behind the letter box or curtains remaining either closed or open for long periods of time, to ascertain whether your home is an easy target.

Visits last up to 30 minutes, according to the animal’s needs.

Charges are as follows, as per 1 Sept 2018:
1 Visit a day:                      £8
2 Visits a day:                    £15

Christmas/New Year’s Day:
1 Visit a day                       £15
2 Visits a day:                    £25

Visits are charged per time that I visit your animal(s), not per animal in the household. However, if you have multiple animals, whose needs cannot be met within a 30-minute visit, additional charges will apply.

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